Welcome To Indepth Water Services

INDEPTH Water Services and Management Limited is a Private Water Drilling Company, registered under the Company’s Act and also licensed by the ministry of Water and Irrigation as a Borehole Drilling Contractor under the provisions of the Water Act, Licence No. WD/WC/33.

Borehole Drilling

Step 1: A Site Consultation/Basic feasibility study. After your initial contact we may arrange a site consultation. This may involve a representative of the drilling team and our survey team visiting site to establish the viability of the project and to understand the site conditions.

Geo Tech Investigation

We carry out Geotechnical investigations which are performed by our geotechnical engineers/ geologists to obtain information on the physical/engineering properties of soil and rock in a given site; to design earthworks and foundations for proposed structures and for repair of distress to earthworks and structures caused by subsurface conditions.

The Shop

We stock a wide variety of water related equipment to suit the needs of our clients,
all within our premises; making Indepth Water Services your one-stop water solution..

The Team

We constitute a coherent team of professionals with a conceptual industrial output attachment to water systems; design and construction.

The entire operation is plat formed on an administrative structure of about 30-persons ranging from Engineering professionals, Hydro geologists, Drilling supervisors, Drilling professionals, Test-Pumping Technicians and the office support staff.